A team of scientists have found a way of making flat pasta that becomes 3D when cooked. The team from the Carnegie Mellon University, US, hope that the new pasta will be easier on the environment.

If you’re a pasta lover like us, then you know that pasta comes in all sorts of different shapes.
There are flat noodles, round noodles, shells, curvy “elbows”, tubes with stripes, fancy
spirals, and many, many more.

Some of these pastas, like ordinary spaghetti, pack easily into a small box or package. But others require much larger boxes or bags. The researchers have found a way to change the shape of pasta by stamping grooves in the surface of flat pasta dough, different grooves create different pasta shapes when cooked while allowing the pasta to be flat-packed.
The team hopes their new method will help the environment as the pasta would need much less packaging, meaning far less plastic waste and would take up less space when being