Whoever said, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” has obviously never met 10-year-old Norfolk collie, Peggy.

Her owner gave up Peggy, a working sheepdog, after she lost her hearing when she was eight. Chloe Shorten who works for the animal charity, RSPCA, and whose husband is a shepherd in Norfolk, England adopted her. Together, they taught Peggy how to herd (gather) sheep by following their hand signals and body language. Chloe told reporters that they knew Peggy wanted to be working, so they started the long process of teaching her how to herd and work with a shepherd without voice commands.”

Now Peggy helps the couple’s other two sheepdogs to look after the flock (group of sheep) and is very happy when she gets a “thumbs up”, she knows she has been a good girl and done her job well!